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When you go looking for a study abroad destination, you have a multitude of options available to you. But your decision can be based on:

  • Wanting to get education in a country with diversity like no other
  • Wanting to be with people of numerous cultural and racial backgrounds
  • Wanting both wilderness and skyscrapers
  • Educational choices with literally hundreds of specializations from aerospace engineering to zoology
  • To pick amongst institutions that enroll 1,000 students and 60,000 students, with every size in between
  • To live in a cosmopolitan city, but close to a large park where you can ski, swim, canoe, hike and bike; or to live in a small town that is only a short train ride to a big city

If diversity is what you want in your study abroad destination, then Canada is your pick. Canada undoubtedly figures among the top in the world, when it comes to the sheer quality of education. The country pays remarkable importance to the standard of education it offers.

If you're interested in Canadian study opportunities, but confused and need a little guidance, read on as we have tried to provide a wealth of information and insights for your benefit.

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Dear Cango, You guys have been part of my life through out this process. Without Meera mam and Shalini I couldn't got my visa I and my mom are grateful to Meera mam and ther lovable staffs.



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Dear Cango, I had a nice co-operation with the Meera mam while I had a confusion in selecting the course and visa documents, preparation. But once I had a counseling with mam it was cleared.


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